Happy Faces | Eric Lodwick

Happy Faces by

Eric Lyle Lodwick

 LSH CoLAB is pleased to present Eric Lyle Lodwick – Happy Faces.

Opening Wednesday, January 16th 2019.

 HAPPY FACES is a selection of photographs by Eric Lyle Lodwick. Shot over the course of two years in Paris and New York, this collection captures behind the scenes moments of high fashion when the cameras are turned off. The images bring to light instances of reflection, introspection, and jubilance. These are human beings: friends, family and strangers. Each unabashedly, sometimes unknowingly revealing themselves.

Laura Howe
Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes | Rory Devine

We spent Sunday, September 16th opening a beautiful show by Rory Devine. Displaying a body of work full of vibrancy and patterns.

Thank you to all who joined us.

Laura Howe
Over-Simulation Curated by Rhea Aldridge

We celebrated analog photography with the works of photographers from along the coast. Curator Rhea focus's on breaking away from consuming digital daily gaze. 

Featuring a collection of film photographers.


Here are photos from the night! 

Artists participating are:

Artists participating are:

Jill Beth Hannes-

Steven Perilloux-

Manya Kuzemchenko

Cory Evans-

Rhea Aldridge-

Tim Hennessey

Piper Robbins-

Emily Alexander-

Jason Costello

Donna Viering-

Matchull Summers-

Jason Kruppa-

Giancarlo D'Agostaro-



Laura Howe
Home is where the heart is by Helen Kim
Laura Howe
Exploring Deconstructed Symmetry

Join us as we explore deconstructed symmetry design with LA Designers Laura Howe of Matrushka and Manny J Styles of Thread Haus. June 1st we'll be hosting a special event along with the Virgil Village community. 

First Friday's is a monthly celebration highlighting the diverse Virgil Village community. Shops and restaurants will be participating in grand event that will join Hoover Ave. businesses and Virgil Ave. businesses together for a monthly event. 

LSH will hosting an event from 4pm to 9pm. Tunes will be spinning, projections will be displayed and refreshments will be sipped. 

778 North Virgil Ave. LA CA 90029







Abstract Topography: Michael Viglietta Opening Night February 24

Images from opening night with Michael Viglietta at LSH Colab space in Virgil Village.

Laura HoweLSH
Opening Night with Senon Williams & Jim Brown

LSH opening night on November 18th, 2017 featured music by Jim Brown, collaboration space occupied by Laura S Howe, and the gallery space with Senon William's large scale paintings. 

Laura Howe